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Monday, October 10, 2011

A scrumptious bowl of Amigurumi Strawberries

So lately, I just cant seem to get into my typical jewelry making mode. I've  been spending so much time with my yarn and crochet hooks. I guess because I can pretty much take them anywhere with me and, it is very soothing.  

I found this very cute Strawberry pattern written by Julia Kelly on her blog. The pattern was super easy and fun.  I did alter it just a wee bit though.  The pattern calls for  a size G hook for the strawberry and a F hook for the leaves.  I used an F hook for both, and I was just a little too lazy for the intricate details of the seeds. If you have the time for the seeds, I say "Go For It", your strawberry will look cuter and more realistic.

I decided to create a bowl to put the berries in, so if you are interested, here is that pattern.
Worsted Weight white yarn (Red Heart super saver)
size F crochet hook
stitch marker

Note: Bowl is worked in continuous circle

Begin with Magic Circle
Round 1: Single crochet 6
Round 2: Single crochet 2 in each stitch (12)
Round 3: *Single crochet, increase in next*, Repeat ** (18)
Round 4: *Single crochet in next 2, Increase in next*, Repeat ** (24)
Round 5: *Single crochet in next 3, increase in next*, Repeat ** (30)
Round 6: *Single crochet in next 4, increase in next*, Repeat ** (36)
Round 7: *Single crochet in next 5, increase in next*, Repeat ** (42)
Round 8 - 14: Single crochet 1 in each stitch (42)
Fasten off and roll top row outward

The strawberry pattern is also free, you can CLICK HERE to visit Julia Kellys blog


  1. These are so cute! Great job on the bowl too! I also have some patterns that have too much detail that I don't always feel like including either.

  2. Thanks Brenda. Glad I'm not alone with the little details thing. :)