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Monday, December 2, 2013

One Mans trash is another mans treasure.... Aint that the truth!

Driving down the street the other day I notice this woman walking with the cutest wooden reindeer. It even had live Christmas tree branches sticking out from its head. I wondered if this lovely half living creature came from the tree lot at the end of the street, so i made a U-turn and ventured over to find out.
I found him, and I adopted him. Honestly, will you just look at this adorable little fella? He's built with branches, small logs and hacked off tree branches.  I'm utterly impressed that somewhere, some Crafty Genius had the sense to make use of items that may have otherwise been discarded. Another nifty example of Up-cycling at its finest.


  1. Oh, that is really cute! Also, it's nice to see you posting again! I hope you're having a good December! ^^

  2. Thanks Missy, It's been a busy year, but I am back and happy to be posting again.