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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Barefoot Sandals in Winter Time? YES , if you live in California

Here in California, our winter so far has been all sunshine. Honestly, I went to the local Christmas tree lot wearing Capri pants and sandals. Even though I’m hoping for some much needed rain, I’ll also enjoy each and every ray of sunshine.   

Here’s a free pattern that I designed for the cutest pair of barefoot sandals. Such a simple, easy and quick pattern.  You can find it here on Craftsy

Monday, December 2, 2013

One Mans trash is another mans treasure.... Aint that the truth!

Driving down the street the other day I notice this woman walking with the cutest wooden reindeer. It even had live Christmas tree branches sticking out from its head. I wondered if this lovely half living creature came from the tree lot at the end of the street, so i made a U-turn and ventured over to find out.
I found him, and I adopted him. Honestly, will you just look at this adorable little fella? He's built with branches, small logs and hacked off tree branches.  I'm utterly impressed that somewhere, some Crafty Genius had the sense to make use of items that may have otherwise been discarded. Another nifty example of Up-cycling at its finest.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Different kind of Christmas Story

If you are a fan of South Park, then you already know who this guy is.  Personally, I’ve only watched this adult humored show for about 15 minutes, but I know enough people who have enlightened me on the basics.

Here’s what I do know. These little cartoons use foul language, humor that only teenagers and adults can understand, They kill a character named Kenny at the end of each episode, but decide to let him live in the spirit of the Christmas episode, and there’s a smiling little piece of poop with a Santa hat that they call Mr. Hankey.  He’s both disgusting and hilarious all the same. 

While browsing craft blogs, I came across Live to Create andCrochet BLOG with a free pattern, courtesy of Maggie McGhee.  A friend said she wanted a Mr. Hankey , so I gave the pattern a go.  This piece of poop with lots of personality worked up in jiffy.   Thanks Maggie for sharing your pattern.

So there you have it my fantastic readers. You too can make your very own Mr. Hankey and have a Howdy Ho Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Save those dead old burnt out light bulbs

'Tis the season to be gre-een.. fa la la la la , la la la la
Want to see what you can do with those burnt out, energy busting, old fashioned light bulbs?   

Enter Exhibit A, everyone’s favorite fat guy, Santa Clause.  What was once a brightly lit plain light bulb, eventually dimmed and fizzled away.  Until one day, a woman with an idea, lots of talent, some paint brushes and a little bit of felt fabric gave our jolly friend new life.
I can’t take the credit for this one, because my mom was actually the one who made him a few years ago.  He’s one of my favorite ornaments and hangs from my (fake, but real looking, eco friendly re-usable) Christmas tree every year.   Who would have guessed that an old light bulb, some red, white and black paint, and a little felt with a pom pom could be so darn cute?

Do you re-use your old light bulbs?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One more way to use your Toilet Paper

My son is on spring break this week and I decided to take a much needed day off at the office to spend some quality time with my little guy. We hopped into the car and headed over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco where we decided on visiting the Ripleys Believe it or Not tourist spot.
I want you all to look very closely at what I seen in a Ripleys Display case. I thought this was a gorgeous wedding dress.



I can't tell you how many bridal showers and parties I've been to where us girls have lots of laughs and bond over cocktails and that silly game where we team up to see who can make the most chic and elegant wedding dress out of toilet paper.  I'd like to add that my own sad looking toilet paper ensemble won the last game I was in, but, by no stretch of the imagination did it ever look anything like this one.  

As much fun as the bridal shower contests were, I never gave it much more though, until now.  This signed accompanied the dress on display at Ripleys. Congrats to Terri Glover of Marlin Texas , not just for winning 2nd prize in the Cheap Chic Weddings annual toilet paper wedding dress contest, but for also showing her prize displayed in one of the top tourists destinations!

Did you see the details in the dress?   I became so fascinated that I decided to google Cheap Chic toilet paper wedding dress contest, and was amazed at the entries and other winners.  I might need to take notes so I can win at the next bridal shower contest I go too.  Who knows, maybe the bride to be may want to wear my creation on her special day. Imagine that, a multi-functional dress that allows you look pretty and blow you nose at the same time while you're exchanging vows at the alter.  Who could ask for anything more?